The Farmhouse experience combines food, wine, wellness, and history into the finest getaway in Israel. We invite you to complement your stay with an exclusive dinner, wine tasting, private fitness classes, massage therapy, and exploration of the surrounding nature. 

Farm-to-Table Exclusive Dinners

Join us in the dining room for the ultimate Farmhouse experience – a culinary journey paired with our Bat Shlomo Vineyards wines. Our renowned chef uses only the freshest local fish, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs from our garden to create a multi-course tasting-menu that highlights the quality of the local ingredients and the land and sea from which they come. Each menu is customized to your taste and must be reserved before your stay. 

Wine Tasting

A stay at The Farmhouse would not be complete without a tasting of our Bat Shlomo Vineyards wines. The tasting experience begins with a stroll along Bat Shlomo’s original main street, where we lookout onto our vineyards, organic garden, and the beautiful Hurshan nature reserve and Dalya River. It is followed by tasting in the Bat Shlomo Vineyards’ tasting room and explanation of our original Israeli art collection. The experience includes a selection of our white, rosé, and red wines paired with local bread, cheeses, fresh vegetables (Farm to Table), and other appetizers prepared by our chef. While tasting, you will learn more about the history of The Farmhouse, the winemaking process, and what makes our wines so unique. 

Breakfast at The Farmhouse

Breakfast is complimentary with your stay and is served in the main house dining room, overlooking the pool. Our freshly prepared breakfast can be served from 9:00am and includes a selection of fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, yogurt, and more. Please let us know the night before what time you would prefer your breakfast.

Additional meals and picnic lunches can be arranged upon request. 

What To Do

Morning Walk

Take advantage of the beautiful nature surrounding The Farmhouse and start your day with a morning walk – either with our local guide or on your own. The path will take you from The Farmhouse, down into the valley, past the Bat Shlomo Vineyards and freshwater streams, and into the nearby forest. Maps provided. 


The Farmhouse offers private yoga classes to enhance your relaxation during your stay.  Whether you would like an individual, couples, or group lesson, our yoga instructor will ensure that the class is tailored to your level, experience, and desires. Yoga classes can be held outside by the pool, inside The Farmhouse, or outdoors in the surrounding nature. 


Enjoy a customized class with our certified instructor, that focuses on maintaining a fit and healthy body through a variety of exercises centered around strengthening the body’s core muscles, elongating the spine, and improving muscle elasticity.

Bicycle Tour

The area surrounding The Farmhouse is home to some of Israel’s best mountain biking and trail routes. Hop on one of our bikes and explore on your own, or tour the area with a local guide. A picnic lunch can await you in the vineyards. 


Watsu pool therapy is a form of hydrotherapy that incorporates elements of massage, shiatsu, muscle stretching, and dance. Floating on the water of the Farmhouse’s heated, outdoor infinity pool, assisted by our therapist, will help you relax deeply during your stay. The warm water relaxes muscles and supports the spine, allowing joints to be manipulated and muscles to be stretched and relieved of stress and tension.


The Farmhouse is a place to indulge, relax, and rejuvenate. Allow us to pamper you with an on-site massage to enhance your stay. Massages can take place in your room or by our infinity pool. 

Private Cooking Workshop

Join us in the main kitchen of The Farmhouse, where our private chef will share some of his secrets with you, acquired through years of experience in renowned Israeli and international restaurants. Using the freshest local fish, vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs, you will prepare a gourmet, multi-course, vegetarian, fine dining experience. After the class, sit down and enjoy your hard work paired with a selection of our Bat Shlomo Vineyard wines. 

Horseback Riding

Explore the beauty of Bat Shlomo’s surroundings on horseback, during a guided horseback ride through nearby trails in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains. This exclusive trip, which begins at The Farmhouse, takes you to places inaccessible by vehicle and with breathtaking views. 

Jeep Tours

This off-road adventure takes you off the beaten path on a trail that stretches from Bat Shlomo to Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek, passing springs, forests, and surreal landscapes. 


In addition to our on-site wellness experiences, we can arrange entrance to a local gym, located just a 10-minute drive from The Farmhouse. The gym is equipped with treadmills, bikes, free weights, and much more.

Where To Go

Recommended Day Trips Outside Bat Shlomo

Zichron Yaakov

First Aliyah Museum
Housed in a unique and historic building in the picturesque town of Zichron Yaacov, is the First Aliyah Museum – in Memory of Moshe and Sarah Arison. The museum tells the story of the first immigrants who made Aliyah to Israel in 1882. Through films documenting the fascinating story of one family and their adventures in Israel, visitors gain insight into of the journey, faith, determination, and challenges faced by this courageous wave of immigrants, who also founded Bat Shlomo and lived in The Farmhouse.

Beit Aaronsohn – Nili Museum
The Beit Aaronsohn – Nili Museum was established in 1956 next to the historic Aaronsohn family home.  The house was built in 1884, and was the center of the renowned Nili underground movement that rebelled against the Ottoman regime. The museum has documented and restored the fascinating heritage of the Aaronsohn family and the members of the Nili underground. It commemorates their activities, bravery, and contribution to the end of Ottoman rule and the beginning of the British Mandate.

Ohel Yaacov Synagogue & Hameyasdim Street
On the corner of Hameyasdim and Hanadiv streets, is the “Ohel Yaacov” (Jacob’s Tent) Synagogue, named, like the town itself, after Baron Rothschild’s father. The construction of the synagogue was completed in 1886 and it is considered the most luxurious of the Baron’s township synagogues. Walking down Hameyasdim Street, you will find many local shops, cafes, galleries, bakeries, and ice cream parlors. There is also a lovely and spacious public park across the street from the synagogue. 

Ramat HaNadiv

Just a short drive or 30-minute walk from the center of Zichron Yaakov, is the beautiful Ramat HaNadiv Nature Reserve, which features numerous hiking and biking trails as well as a variety of curated gardens, including a rose garden. At the entrance to the park, you can watch a film about the history of the park in an air-conditioned auditorium. 


Located on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, Caesarea is an ancient port city with breathtaking views and historical sites:

Caesarea National Park
Caesarea Antiquities National Park features unique architectural structures from the city’s 2,300 year history. The 500 dunam site contains ruins dating from the Hellenistic period (3rd century BC) to the Crusades (12th century), when Caesarea served as an important port in the Mediterranean. Originally, Caesarea was a gift from Augustus to King Herod, who built a massive port, a hippodrome, bathhouses, and temples. During the Byzantine period, Caesarea was a central Christian center that housed the Church Fathers. During the Crusades, the walls and gates of the city were closely guarded, until the Mamluk conquest in the 13th century. In the port area, there are a number of cafes and restaurants.

The Ralli Museum
The two Ralli Museums in Caesarea were established by the Harry Recanati Fund to exhibit and promote contemporary Latin American art. Together with the three other Ralli Museums in Uraguay, Chile, and Spain, the museums exhibit some of the most important Latin American art collections in the world, including classical, surrealist, and modern works.

Caesarea Golf Club
Caesarea is home to Israel’s only golf course, established by the Rothchild family in 1961 and designed by Pete Dye. Tee-times can be arranged in advance by The Farmhouse team. 

Nature & Beaches

A variety of hikes and beaches await you just a short drive from The Farmhouse. Some of our favorites are:

Habonim-Dor Beach
Habonim-Dor beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. Here you will find untamed natural landscapes and nearby nature reserves Yam Dor Habonim and Tel Dor National Park. 

Ein Hod
In the Carmel Mountains lies the artist village of Ein Hod. Spend time walking around and visiting the various artists’ studios and galleries. There are also numerous cafes where you can enjoy a meal.

Mearot (Caves) River
The Mearot River is a nature preserve located in Carmel Mountain Park. The preserve offers a number of hiking trails and four impressive caves where artifacts from the early Stone Age (approximately 200,000 years ago) and the Natufian era (approximately 10,000 years ago) have been found.

Hashofet River Hike
Only a 15-minute drive from The Farmhouse is the Hashofet River in Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. In late winter and early spring, carpets of colorful wildflowers line the banks of the river. The water flows throughout the year, making this riverside hike a great year-round trail. Follow the red trail markers on your own, or allow us to arrange a private guide. 


The story of The Farmhouse at Bat Shlomo Vineyards is the story of Israel itself. Tucked away on a single street in the historic Moshava stands a house that still breathes the memory of those who first planted the seeds and cultivated the country. Today, the Farmhouse comes alive to welcome guests for a multi sensory set of experiences, steeped in understated luxury and rejuvenation, stemming from a connection to the land and the fruit it bears.

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